Compliance Manager

Job Description

Job Description:
  • Ensure, monitor, and maintain awareness of the Company's compliance with applicable policies, regulations/provisions, including all product, program, platform and services
  • Maintain communication & relationship with Regulator, and also related Association, and keep updated with the latest regulation that applicable
  • Ensure and maintain all regulatory report needed is submitted in timely basis
  • Actively assist during committee or management level meetings
  • Coordinate with Regional team for queries, updates and enrolling projects within the country
  • Maintain and implement AML/CFT process control in accordance to AML/CFT regulations
  • Develop and implement an effective compliance program including monitoring, reviewing KYC, KYB and KYA program, conduct appropriate levels of due diligence on accounts based on business need
  • Oversee and review transaction monitoring and investigations, including filing suspicious transaction reporting, also responsible for monitor and updating Blacklist sanction, Suspected Terrorists and Terrorist Organization based on Indonesian Police List and PEP and another list that required regarding AML and CFT
  • Provide training to all employees in order to enhance the awareness of the employees upon the implementation of KYC/AML matters upon the applicable laws in Indonesia and any internal company policies and keep track of the training in due time.
  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience as a Compliance Officer, Compliance Manager or similar position.
  • Experienced with AML and CFT
  • Strong knowledge of industry processes and regulations.
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • An analytical mindset with excellent organizational skills.
Work Location


Due Date
20 December 2020

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