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TrueMoney helps customers to send money without using a Bank Account Number. Customers only need to come to Alfamart / Alfamidi by bringing an identity card or KTP, filling in a money transfer form, and paying administrative fees.



TrueMoney serves bill payments from operators that have collaborated only by entering customer IDs. Starting from postpaid PLN, BPJS, Landline, PDAM, Telkom Vision, Telkom Speedy, and credit installment payments. Payment can be accessed through Android Application. Payments with TrueMoney have different bill amounts according to the Customer ID plus administrative costs.


TrueMoney provides electronic vouchers to refill pulses of all operators, Internet Data Packages, Electricity Tokens, and Games Vouchers. Prices on products always change, in accordance with the provisions of the operator of the product refill voucher issuer.

No Need to Hesitate to Send Money With #TRUEMONEYID

Sertifikasi E-Money Bank Indonesia No: 16/129/DKSP
Sertifikasi Remittance Bank Indonesia No:16/152/DKSP/58

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