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TrueMoney is a provider of electronic money & money transfer services that can be used to transact through smartphone, EDC and Alfamart applications.

TrueMoney features that you can enjoy:

  • Purchase pulses, internet data packages, electricity tokens, and game vouchers.
  • Payment of monthly bills for PLN, PDAM, Telephone / Mobile, Internet, BPJS, Pay TV and Multifinance.
  • Electronic money transfer.
  • Top up your balance through Alfamart, Alfamidi, and ALTO ATM networks.
  • Shop and withdraw balances at Alfamart & Alfamidi.
  • Send cash at Alfamart.

You can withdraw balances through Alfamart, Alfamidi, and TrueMoney Agents.


 KYC Member

Non-KYC Member

Dana maksimal

10 million
1 million

Tarik saldo

Bisa dilakukan

Tidak bisa dilakukan

Isi saldo

Bisa dilakukan

Bisa dilakukan

Belanja di merchant

Bisa dilakukan

Bisa dilakukan

*KYC : Know your customer/sudah full registrasi.

Refill your TrueMoney balance can be done through Alfamart, Alfamidi and transfer to a TrueMoney virtual account.

Members can complete personal data by sending an email to info@truemoney.co.id.

PIN is a secret code in the form of 6 (six) digit numbers that are only known by the account owner. The PIN is the only access to enter the application so the account owner is required to remember and properly record the 6 digit PIN to make TrueMoney transactions. Avoid using a common PIN such as: 123456, 654321, 000000, your date of birth, and so on. Keep your PIN confidential. TrueMoney is not responsible for errors in transactions made by customers.

TrueMoney token is a code consisting of 6 digit numbers and can be used for 1 transaction. Transactions that can be done include spending and withdrawing balances.

MTCN is a money withdrawal code consisting of 10 digit numbers that are used to make money withdrawals at Alfamart.

You can submit suggestions or praise to Customer Service 08041000100 or by email to info@truemoney.co.id

No Need to Hesitate to Send Money With #TRUEMONEYID

Sertifikasi E-Money Bank Indonesia No: 16/129/DKSP
Sertifikasi Remittance Bank Indonesia No:16/152/DKSP/58

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