Payroll Employee Salaries Are More Practical Using TrueMoney Indonesia
01 April 2021

Register your company or UMKM in the Collaboration Program with TrueMoney Indonesia
Payroll Employee Salaries Are More Practical Using TrueMoney Indonesia
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Advantages of Cooperation with TrueMoney

For Companies

  • Operational cost efficiency in employee payroll every month
  • Employees are not required to have a bank account. Because the registered account is an existing employee cellphone number
    download the TrueMoney application
  • Reducing management activities and distribution of company cash costs in particular
    in terms of employee payroll
  • Employee salary distribution is carried out by the company through one TrueMoney account
    to all registered employees
  • Reducing activities that are paperwork (paper use), which are manual,
    because all reports are done online
  • TrueMoney is here as the only supporter of the company in terms of
    employee distribution

Maximum balance up to 10 million rupiah on the TrueMoney Indonesia application

TrueMoney payroll flow to partners or companies

  • Partner Submit application, Partner submits complete documents for activation of the TrueMoney application
  • MCC Signature, TrueMoney & Partner PKS signature employee payroll
  • Employee Account Registration, Partners complete employee data - Salary list - KYC data for wallet registration TrueMoney
  • Socialization to Employees, Socialization to help employees download, register and use the wallet TrueMoney
  • Partner deposits salary money into TrueMoney, The partner deposits the employee's salary into the TrueMoney account and notifies the amount of salary per employee
  • TrueMoney Make salary payments to employee wallets, TrueMoney makes salary payments to employees according to a payroll schedule.


  • TrueMoney has the right to cancel cashback fund out if there is a transaction suspicious or fraudulent.
  • TrueMoney reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the promo without notice first.
  • TrueMoney reserves the right to change or terminate the program at any time without advance notice.

Customer service :

Call center: 0804 1000 100
WhatsApp Chat: +62813 8003 3868
WhatsApp Call: +62878 7600 0969 *
* Especially for Money Transfer services


08.00 - 17.00 Every Day

Social Media
1. Facebook: TrueMoney Indonesia
2. Instagram: @truemoneyid
3. Twitter: truemoneyid

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