TrueMoney Presents Send and Receive Domestic Money Service
17 April 2018 - TrueMoney Indonesia is determined to become the leading financial services provider in Indonesia, especially for the middle to lower class.

One way that TrueMoney does is by consistently providing attractive services and products, one of which is through domestic remittance services.

In his statement, Donny Erfan, Head of Remittance TrueMoney Indonesia revealed that the potential for sending money in the country is still large because many people do not have a bank account.

For this reason, TrueMoney presents domestic remittance solutions. Where people who want to send money simply carry a valid identity and send money addressed to the recipient according to the name listed in their respective identities.

No need to use a bank account, remittances can be taken directly in cash at the same time, the recipient simply carries a valid original identification and carries the money transfer code known as the MTCN code, to the nearest Alfamart store.

"We are working with a strategic partner for domestic money transfer services, with PT. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya.Tbk (Alfamart) and in the future are also exploring to collaborate with other strategic partners, said Donny.

To send and receive money through Alfamart, the community can simply come to the 14,000 nearest Alfamart branch in your city, fill out a money transfer form, carry a valid original identity card, and have an active telephone number.

This service can be done by all people who are aged 17 years or older or have a KTP / SIM / Passport and is valid for all users of any cellular number in Indonesia.

"Our hope is that with this money send and receive service, TrueMoney can be an alternative service for sending money domestically without using a bank account," concluded Donny.

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