Watch Out !!! Fraud on behalf of TrueMoney Indonesia
12 October 2020

Beware of scams on behalf of TrueMoney Indonesia

TrueMoney agents no longer use EDC machines, ignore fraudulent attempts or requests to apply for EDC machines. Please download the TrueMoney Indonesia application from Playstore (Android) if you are interested in becoming a TrueMoney agent.

TrueMoney user token, OTP and PIN are confidential. TrueMoney staff / representatives never ask for tokens / PINs to agents or members.

Providing tokens, PIN, OTP, cellphone numbers to other parties, whether by telephone, email, sms, etc. can result in theft of your balance.

If you need assistance, please contact TrueMoney customer care via telephone and the official website of TrueMoney Indonesia

Customer service:

Call center: 0804 1000 100
WhatsApp Chat: +62813 8003 3868
WhatsApp Call: +62878 7600 0969 *
* Especially for Money Transfer services

08.00 - 17.00 Every Day

TrueMoney Indonesia Social Media
1. Facebook: TrueMoney Indonesia
2. Instagram: @truemoneyid
3. Twitter: truemoneyid

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