4 Benefits of E-Money That Makes You Easy
09 November 2018

Living in modern times with a variety of busyness that is like now, making a lot of practical things popping up and making it easier for everyone. The convenience that you can get is also not only focused on one thing, but spread to almost all sides of daily activities. One that is growing rapidly now is e-money or electronic money. Many benefits of e-money can be obtained because it is suitable to be applied in any field, from the business world to shopping. So what are the benefits of e-money? Here are the reviews!



1. Can Do Business The Practical Way
Not only makes it easy for customers, e-money is also able to make new or mature entrepreneurs become more practical in doing business. Today, many business fields related to the online world from sales to financing, TrueMoney is one of them. Therefore, there is a TrueMoney Agent that not only provides various benefits of financial transactions but also as a business opportunity for the community. By becoming an agent, you not only get e-money benefits that make it easy, such as purchase transactions and bill payments, but also can get additional income from commissions on every transaction made.
In addition, for those of you who already run a business, you can make salary payments to employees every month easily and smoothly. Therefore, TrueMoney can also partner with business people to support employee payroll or payroll systems. This is expected to add to your practicality as an entrepreneur.


2. Reducing Barriers to Activity
The development of technology is one of the factors that facilitates human survival. Activities that you often go through everyday can be passed without limits, especially with the presence of online media. All obstacles and difficult bureaucracies can be done practically and flexibly. Surely this has become a favorite, especially for those urban people who are known to have a busy schedule.
In financial terms, electronic money or e-money is arguably popular coupled with the rise of cashless lifestyle trends. This is indeed true, considering the benefits of e-money can make any transactions for activities, ranging from the purchase of top-up vouchers, bill payments, to the purchase of travel tickets like those in TrueMoney services.



3. The Benefits of E-Money Can Distribute Hobbies
After reading the previous 2 points, it has been proven that the benefits of e-money are numerous and very helpful to the community. But in fact not only to that, e-money is also able to make gamers more free to do hobbies. It is common knowledge, one of the most popular games today is online games. In fact, it is not only children who enjoy it, even adults are engrossed in it. In doing this game, it is not only internet connection that becomes an important element but also online game vouchers. People who claim to be true gamers certainly can not be far from online game vouchers because it is very important in the sustainability of the game. With these vouchers, gamers can buy weapons or other items needed to win the game.
Vouchers offered are also usually very diverse. If you want to buy it with e-money, TrueMoney provides starting from Digicash, Game Wave, Gemscool, Googleplay, Molpoint, Steam Giftcard, FB Voucher, to Wavegame. Complete, right?


4. Payment Transactions At Merchants
It feels less complete when discussing the benefits of e-money without discussing the convenience that results in payment transactions at merchants. Cashless transactions with e-money usually work with various merchants, so when you buy something there you can do it without cash. Of course, this is very helpful especially in emergencies such as when you forget to bring a wallet or cash. For example, TrueMoney as one of the financial service providers is expanding and partnering with Alfamart and Bebek Kaleyo.
After seeing how useful e-money is for various activities, it's time you switch. As a first step you can start by downloading the TrueMoney Indonesia application in Playstore, and then register according to the stages and conditions that apply. As additional information, TrueMoney not only provides electronic money services, but also cash transfers without accounts. Click here to find out more.
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