4 Online Payment Options for You
16 November 2018

Welcome to the online era, where the internet dominates all aspects of life. In order to always be able to continue to adapt, the community must follow increasingly rapid and organized developments. It is undeniable, this development affects people's lifestyles, not least in Indonesia. One of the things that caused this is the number of major changes from offline to online in the trading industry. This began with the existence of an online payment system that facilitates buying and selling transactions, especially in e-commerce. Many online payment options are available and can be tailored to your needs and convenience. Here are 4 choices for you!



1. A Practical Credit Card

With the development of technology in the banking world, credit cards have changed the function of physical money and coins as a means of payment. This online payment system has become part of everyday life because it is considered very practical, efficient and fast in any transaction. So many benefits are offered that have successfully attracted the interest of many people making credit card applications in various banks that exist today. As a developing country, the potential for this payment instrument in Indonesia is very large. However, with a population of more than 250 million Indonesians, it turns out that this card user only reaches 17 million or less than 10%. One reason could be due to the difficulty of getting a credit card. When making an application, usually the income of the applicant will be checked in advance and if it is not appropriate then the issuance cannot be granted. Therefore, usually only certain circles of people who have it, so the convenience and advantages of this payment instrument does not reach all groups of people.



2. Transfer via Virtual Account

Another online payment is through a virtual account. Virtual accounts are unreal accounts containing customer ID numbers that are created by financial services to make payment transactions. One virtual number will be valid for one transaction and is unique, so usually the transaction will be automatically verified when it's done. This method is simpler, easier and more practical than manual transfers. However, many think that virtual numbers are only issued by banks, but in fact financial services without account numbers like TrueMoney also provide. Through TrueMoney you can make payments by entering a virtual account. For example when making a BPJS bill payment, you can enter a virtual account number in the form of a personal BPJS ID with the addition of the previous 0001 code.



3. Online Payment Via Minimarket

Even though today has become more modern, there are still many people who do not have accounts, especially for those who live in rural areas and are not familiar with this. Surely this is hampering those who want to make transactions. Therefore, online payment through a convenience store can be a solution for those of you who want to make transactions but don't have an account. Only by visiting the nearest outlet, payments can be made through the cashier there. Not only can you make payments, through the convenience store, you can also send cash. In collaboration with TrueMoney, Alfamart is one of the minimarkets serving the transaction. You only need to use an identity card or KTP, fill in a specific form and give the amount of money you want to send and then pay administrative costs.



4. Flexible Through the TrueMoney Application

The rise of transactions without money or physical cards, making online payments can now be done by using a smart phone or smartphone. Currently many financial services that create mobile applications to be used as electronic wallet or e-wallet by consumers, such as TrueMoney. TrueMoney divides its wallet into 2 types namely Agent and Member which can be chosen according to needs. You can choose an agent if you want to get a business opportunity while the member is for you who want to get an interbank transaction service.
But not to worry, although different types but you will still get the privilege to make payments. TrueMoney serves bill payments from operators that have collaborated only by entering customer IDs. Starting from postpaid PLN, BPJS, Landline, PDAM, Telkom Vision, Telkom Speedy, and credit installment payments. You can get the TrueMoney Wallet application for free through Playstore on Android. For additional information, TrueMoney also has remittance or cash transfer services without accounts. Click here to find out more.
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